Broken Metal Denture Repair

Metal Break

Metal Break

Broken metal on any denture cannot be repaired through the mail.

Exception : Metal clasps can be repaired provided a impression is sent with partial.
The dentists can however replace the metal hooks on the partial denture provided you send your partial denture in impression material that is taken by a dentist locally. Do not pull apart the impression material from the partial denture, as the impression material is used to make a dental model of your mouth in order to put a clasp on exactly where it needs to be. Please call us for pricing and instructions.

Other areas that are broken metal can only be fixed correctly by a local dentist.
Partial dentures are precision dental appliances. The repair of metal is too tricky to get it right the first time. A local dentist is needed to make sure the repair is done properly.

All Dentures will be shipped using our extra packaging

We will use our crush resistant boxes along with extra padding to ship your dentures back to you safely.
All denture repair shipping and handling costs include $100 shipping carrier insurance, tracking, and signature release. In addition, all denture repairs are shipped in unadvertised packaging.

If you are in need of a permanent denture replacement, please seek assistance with a dentist.
The emergency denture is a copy of the same structure as your current denture. It is made for use as an emergency denture, and not suggested to be worn for long periods of time. Emergency dentures are strong, made with new denture acrylic. They are made as a one piece unit. New Teeth that are not worn cannot be used to replace the worn teeth. This will result in a emergency denture that will not fit in your mouth properly. Please seek assistance with a dentist for a new denture.

Broken Denture Repair
Broken Denture Repair