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Mail Order Dentures

Ask most dental professionals and they might agree getting dentures by mail could be a tedious process. It is not making them that is the tricky process, but rather getting the correct dental impression from the mouth to get cheap dentures by mail. Dentures are made to fit the mouth precisely, and should the impression material be removed from the mouth incorrectly, making dentures with a bad impression would result in a non fitting denture.

Impression Process

The impression material is a soft pliable putty material, that is inserted into the mouth and the jaws closing onto the material to create an impression. Once the material is completely secured onto the gums, it must be carefully removed so as not to bend or damage the impression of the gum line. Should the material be removed incorrectly, even the slightest bend of the material could result in a bad denture. Dental professionals know their techniques well to be able to remove the material from the mouth so that a denture can be cast from the impression material.

Sending impression material

There are also factors that those who attempt this solution, do not realize that the impression material can change shape should it dry, or be exposed to different temperatures. When shipping, unless the package is shipped with temperature in mind, the package could be exposed to very hot or cold temperatures, resulting in a warped impression.

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