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Porcelain Dentures

Porcelain Denture Teeth are attached differently :

Most dentures today are made with acrylic denture teeth, but there still are some with porcelain denture teeth. If your denture has a loose or broken front tooth, and your tooth is made out of porcelain it can be replaced with an acrylic denture tooth.

Porcelain Denture Tooth

Porcelain Denture Teeth are super strong :

In many cases dentures made with porcelain denture teeth last a very long time. But the consequences of using dentures with porcelain denture teeth are found in your gums and jawbone. Porcelain denture teeth do not absorb the vibrations as well as acrylic denture teeth when chewing. Overtime, the gum tissue and jawbone looses its mass quicker than using a denture with acrylic denture teeth.

The cost may be the same :

When getting a new denture with either porcelain or acrylic denture teeth, the cost may be the same. But when it comes to a repair, the dentist repairs your denture teeth very close to the cost of the denture tooth. We say this because replacing a porcelain tooth is more expensive than the cost as to replace the denture tooth with an acrylic denture tooth.

Loose Porcelain Front Tooth :

In most cases, if the front tooth is still intact, the area that broke are actually two metal pins that hold the tooth in place. This means that a new porcelain tooth cannot be put back on because the metal pins are broken. The small metal pins cannot be repaired because it is connected to the gum area on a metal base. Repairing the metal pins would be costly if at all possible. The alternate solution that will work fine is to replace the tooth with an acrylic tooth.

The metal pins are in place to secure the porcelain tooth to the denture :

The reason for the metal pins is because the denture acrylic does not adhere very well onto porcelain. The metal pins help give the main support of the porcelain denture tooth. You may be wondering if the acrylic tooth will work the same and look the same on your denture as the rest of the denture teeth. The dentist compares the shade of your existing teeth to the tooth that would be replaced. All denture teeth acrylic or porcelain do change color over time. The dentist will make sure the tooth that is used to replace the tooth will closely match the rest of the teeth. We wouldn't be in business for long if the teeth that were used can be easily seen out of place on anyone's denture.

Chipped Porcelain Denture Tooth :

Porcelain Denture teeth that are chipped should be replaced with a new tooth. If even you have the gfragment of the porcelain tooth, the chip if glued back on the tooth won't last as the chewing of food will make it break again. Again, the chipped tooth would be replaces with a matching acrylic tooth.

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